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                                      Nick-2   is an imposable puzzle.  Machined from solid brass. It is a 1 inch sphere with a 7/16 cube inside.                         

 Its a HARDLEY       2 inches tall 

    It is a Puzzle of an early Harley Knuckle Head Motor

 Tri-Square                     It will make a Triangle and a 2 inch Square  Polished brass 1/4 in thick                



                       GIRO-BRAIN       Made for brain                

                                       replacement for        Hoplita.  2 and 1/4 inch cube

                                PERPLEXITY Is a puzzle made of 

                                  8  solid brass pieces that make an  1 &3/4 inch cube

 T-DOF      Eight pieces  on a brass golf  tee.  

                                  D-ICE   . It has 8 pieces that can be put                                                    together so that the Pips are right or wrong. It is 7/8 inch square.

                          Pin-N-Nut  Remove  the nut . 

                 ROC-KEY Just Get the 

                                                 Ring off of the KEY

             A GOOD-EGG     12 Pieces

                                                    1 &7/8 inch tall.

                                  A-B-L  A pin Puzzle. 

           1 in Block with   8    2" long by 3/16" diameter  pins. A put together Puzzle

                     COLLUSION.    8 blocks and 8 pins. 

                              end of pin to pin is 2 &3/4 inch. A put together Puzzle. 

                                   BEER-STEIN   is 1&3/4 inch tall 

                                          1&1/4  inch around. Just get the lid open.

                               Dub-L-Nut                                                                                                                Remove inside Nut


                                                 Remove nuts and Washers


                                             Remove nuts and washer                                           

        Ring-N-Nut Get the ring off   

                 Globe-Puzzle     . It has 8 pieces, 

                                               7 Continents and Water

                     One-L-Nut   Remove  the Nut.


                                                       toe-KEY-yo                                                                                                           Remove the ring .

          Hel-sin-KEY                                             Remove the ring .

                               Boston-KEY-party                                                                                                         Remove  the ring.

                                ICE-BUCKET  is 1&1/4 in around 1 3/4 tall. 

                                               Just open lid


                                            2 in tall .Just get the lid off.


 X-PLUS A 2 piece Puzzle

Blocks are 3/4 inch By 2 inch by 3/8 inch




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